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Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive Grants Program

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Additional COVID relief and response appropriations were made to GusNIP. GusNIP COVID Relief and Response (GusCRR) funding will generally be directed to address critical food security needs of low-income communities, enhancing the resilience of food and healthcare systems enduring the pandemic, and maximize funds reaching participants in communities in need. GusNIP awardees are particularly well positioned to respond with pandemic relief in an impactful and timely way. NIFA requests applications for expanded scope of work of active GusNIP and FINI awards. For eligibility purposes, the period of performance in your current active GusNIP or FINI award must have begun prior to December 27, 2020 and must have an end date at least 90 days after the publication date of this RFA. GusCRR does not replace current programming or current award activities.The purpose of the GusNIP program is to…

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