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Activities to Support State, Tribal, Local and Territorial (STLT) Health Department Response to Public Health or Healthcare Crises

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CDC will strengthen the U.S. public health system??s response to public health or healthcare crises by providing specialized support to State, Tribal, Local and Territorial health departments (STLTs) when engaged in a response. Because STLTs vary widely in capacity and expertise - as well as in the demographics and disease burdens of the populations they serve - an emergency in any location is likely to reveal areas in which they need assistance to launch and sustain effective response activities. The purpose of this program is (1) to establish a pool of organizations capable of rapidly providing essential expertise to governmental public health entities involved in a response, and (2) to fund select awardees to provide that support, when required, based on CDC??s determination of need. The role of the recipient will be to function as a rapid provider of information and/or resources,…

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