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Election Assistance Commission OIG

Audit of the HAVA Grants Awarded to the State of Wisconsin

EAC OIG, through the independent public accounting firm of McBride, Lock & Associates, LLC, audited $27.4 million in funds received by the State of Wisconsin under the Help America Vote Act. The objectives of the audit were to determine whether the State of Wisconsin Elections Commission: 1) used funds for authorized purposes in accordance with Section 101 and Section 251 of HAVA and other applicable requirements; 2) properly accounted for and controlled property purchased with HAVA payments; and 3) used the funds in a manner consistent with the informational plans provided to EAC. The audit...
Department of Justice

Multi-million dollar COVID-19 fraudster trades mansion for a prison cell

33-year-old Richmond man who operated a medical supply company in Porter has been ordered to federal prison for a massive fraud that resulted in losses of $17 million
Department of Justice

Wilson Business Owner Latest to be Sentenced in National COVID-19 Fraud Scheme

Pandemic Response Accountability Committee

Review of Personnel Shortages in Federal Health Care Programs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

While personnel shortages existed in the health care community before the pandemic, the pandemic exacerbated these shortages. Maintaining an appropriate level of personnel in health care facilities is essential to providing a safe work environment for health care personnel and safe care to patients. The Pandemic Response Accountability Committee’s (PRAC) Health Care Subgroup developed this report to share insights into personnel shortages across four select federal health care programs, or the providers they reimburse. Together, these four programs provide health care services to approximately...
Department of Justice

Man Accused of $730,000 Pandemic Loan Fraud Appears in Federal Court in St. Louis

Mark Ethan Jermain received three loans totaling $730,550.
Department of Justice

Two Illinois Businessmen Charged in $7.8 Million Covid-Relief Fraud

SHARHABEEL SHREITEH, an accountant in Palos Hills, Ill., and TRACY MITCHELL, the owner of a business in Joliet, Ill., allegedly engaged in fraud related to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).
Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery

Audit of Direct Loan Program Recipient – Mesa Airlines, Inc.

Audit of Direct Loan Program Recipient – Mesa Airlines, Inc.
Department of Education OIG

Washington’s Oversight of Local Educational Agency ARP ESSER Plans and Spending

The objectives of the audit were to determine whether the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (Washington) had an adequate oversight process in place to ensure that (1) local educational agencies’ (LEA) American Rescue Plan (ARP) Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) plans met applicable requirements and (2) LEAs use ARP ESSER funds in accordance with applicable requirements and their approved LEA ARP ESSER plans. We found that Washington did not have an adequate review and approval process to ensure that LEA ARP ESSER plans met all applicable...