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Key Insights on Reducing and Recovering from Identity Fraud

In this report, our Identity Fraud Reduction and Redress Working Group provides insights agencies can use to reduce identity fraud in pandemic relief programs and help victims recover from the damage.

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UPDATE: Lessons Learned in Oversight of Pandemic Relief Funds

Our collaborative efforts have led to several lasting insights about pandemic relief oversight, outlined here in our Lessons Learned Report—a living document that we’ll update as we continue our mission.


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Report to Congress: October 1, 2021, through March 31, 2022

See highlights and view the full report on our efforts to promote public transparency and ensure coordinated oversight of more than $5 trillion in pandemic response spending.

Best practices and lessons learned from the administration of pandemic related unemployment benefits programs.

What State Workforce Agencies Learned during the Pandemic Unemployment Crisis

This commissioned study highlights best practices for minimizing fraud risk and lessons learned from the State Workforce Agencies that administered pandemic unemployment insurance programs.

Controlling fraud in the Paycheck Protection Program

The program gave out $800 billion in forgivable loans, making it a prime target for fraudsters. When Congress authorized a second round of loans, the Small Business Administration added more fraud controls. Did they work? Read the report to find out.

Key Insights on State Pandemic Unemployment Insurance Programs

See highlights and view the full report on the challenges faced by state workforce agencies to provide pandemic unemployment insurance benefits to individuals directly impacted by the pandemic. ​​

Report to Congress: April 2021 through September 2021

See highlights and view the full report on our efforts to promote public transparency and ensure coordinated oversight of more than $5 trillion in pandemic response spending. ​​ Learn more in our report.

Why is it hard to know how pandemic relief money was used?

More than 15,400 pandemic-related awards worth $33 billion have meaningless descriptions of how the money was spent. Read about how we’re working to make it easier for the public to know where their tax dollars are going.  Learn more in our report.

How was federal contracting impacted by the pandemic?

The federal government awarded $28 billion in pandemic response contracts between April 1, 2020 and September 30, 2020. Some of that went to contractors who had never worked for the government before. How well did they perform? Learn more in our report.

Controlling the spread of COVID-19 in prisons

Prisons and detention facilities are high-risk environments for COVID-19 outbreaks and deaths. How did federal agencies handle the pandemic in those environments? Read the report to find out more.


Report to Congress: October 2020 through March 2021

See highlights and view the full report on our efforts to promote public transparency and ensure coordinated oversight of more than $5 trillion in pandemic response spending.

Top Challenges in Pandemic Relief and Response

This report identifies four new challenges faced by federal agencies as they manage the distribution of $3.5 trillion in pandemic-related funding. It also outlines the work being done by the Offices of Inspectors General to detect and prevent fraud and misuse of the funds.


COVID-19 Testing Report

This report examines COVID-19 testing efforts for six federal health care programs during the first seven months following the declaration of a public health emergency in the United States. Published by the PRAC Health Care Subgroup, the report takes a detailed look at testing data in each of the programs that, when combined, provide benefits or care for about 64 million individuals. Get the details here.


Agile Products Toolkit for federal, state and local oversight agencies

This toolkit identifies and defines four primary situations where your office may want to consider using an agile product. Consider these guidelines, best practices and lessons learned while conducting, completing, and issuing reports or other work products.


Gaps in CARES Act Data Sources and How to Close Them

A commissioned study that identifies gaps in federal data sources and how we can close them to improve the quality of the information we provide to the public.


PRAC's first semiannual report to Congress

View highlights from the PRAC's first semiannual report or read the report in its entirety to review work from the PRAC's first six months.


Top Challenges Facing Federal Agencies: COVID-19 Emergency Relief and Response Effort

Insight into the top management challenges facing federal agencies that received pandemic related funding as identified by Offices of Inspector General.


PRAC Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan details how we will serve the American public by promoting transparency and the coordinated oversight of the Federal Government’s coronavirus response to prevent and detect fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement.

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