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Report to Congress: October 1, 2023 through March 31, 2024

We're pleased to present the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee's (PRAC) Semiannual Report to Congress, which highlights our accomplishments between October 1, 2023, and March 31, 2024. It has now been more than four years since the PRAC’s creation, and we, along with our Office of Inspector General (OIG) partners, remain committed to the mission of effectively overseeing more than $5 trillion in federal pandemic relief funds.

As we approach the PRAC's sunset date of September 2025, we also look to the future by encouraging Congress to sustain PRAC’s analytics platform. This good-government initiative has provided deep program insights, sophisticated data analytics tools, and innovative oversight models that have provided an unbeatable return on investment for detecting and preventing fraud, waste, and abuse. We believe the time is now to preserve these PRAC innovations and apply these fraud prevention and detection tools to all federal spending.

Here’s a summary of our accomplishments from this time period.

Highlights from the report

"With 15 months remaining until our sunset in 2025, we encourage Congress to maintain the valuable fraud-fighting tools of our data analytics center and expand its jurisdiction beyond pandemic relief funds. That way, our insights from the pandemic will better protect the integrity of federal programs, safeguard taxpayer dollars, and ensure federal spending reaches those it is intended to help–not only in a crisis, but every day."

Michael E. Horowitz, PRAC Chair

We collected and shared real-life examples of agile oversight in action.

We gathered leading practices and lessons learned from teams experienced in agile oversight and published them in our webinar recap report: Agile Oversight in a Time of Crisis. What is agile oversight and when should you use it? Where do you begin? Read more about putting agile oversight into practice and make quick pivots possible when creating audits, evaluations, and other products.

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We focused on the impact of pandemic relief programs on six communities across the country.

To truly understand how the pandemic impacted people on the ground across the country, you have to get out into communities—both big and small, rural, urban and suburban—to appreciate the unique circumstances Americans faced. We did just that, examining six communities across the U.S. Read more about the six communities’ shared experiences in the full report.

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