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Press Contacts

Council/Committee Name Title E-mail Number
Department of Agriculture OIG
Christy Slamowitz
Counsel to the Inspector General
(202) 720-9110
Department of Agriculture OIG
Deltrick Johnson
Deputy Counsel
(202) 720-9110
Department of Defense OIG
Megan Reed
Public Affairs Specialist
(703) 699-7380
Department of Education OIG
Catherine Grant
Congressional & Public Affairs Liaison
(202) 245-7023
Department of Health & Human Services OIG
Yvonne Gamble
Acting Director of Communications
(202) 878-1745
Department of Homeland Security OIG
Kristen Fredricks
Acting Deputy Inspector General, Office of External Affairs
(202) 981-6000
Department of Housing and Urban Development OIG
Dwrena K. Allen
Strategic Communications & Outreach
(202) 329-6486
Department of Justice OIG
Stephanie Logan
Assistant Director, Office of Communications
(202) 532-4564
Department of Labor OIG
Erin Zickafoose
Director – Office of Congressional and Public Relations
(202) 693-7062
Department of the Interior OIG
Erica Paulson
Associate Inspector General, Congressional and External Affairs
(202) 208-4357
Department of the Treasury OIG
Rich Delmar
Deputy Inspector General
(202) 528-8997
Department of Transportation OIG
Nathan Richmond
Director, Office of Government and Public Affairs
(202) 493-0422
Department of Transportation OIG
Eric Weems
Congressional & Public Affairs Officer
(202) 366-6843
Department of Transportation OIG
Ada Valaitis
Congressional & Public Affairs Officer
(202) 366-5321
Department of Veterans Affairs OIG
Fred Baker
Director of Communications
(202) 461-4264
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation OIG
Michael P. Thiem
Senior Advisor to the Inspector General
(571) 296-3680
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation OIG
Caitlin Savino
Communications Specialist
(571) 213-7304
Federal Reserve Board & CFPB OIG
John Manibusan
Sr Congressional & Media Liaison
(202) 973-5043
National Aeronautics and Space Administration OIG
Renee Juhans
Executive Officer
(202) 358-1712
National Science Foundation OIG
Lisa Vonder Haar
Chief of Staff
(703) 292-2989
Pandemic Response Accountability Committee
Lisa Reijula
Associate Director of Outreach and Engagement
(202) 924-0365
Small Business Administration OIG
Sheldon Shoemaker
Assistant Inspector General
(202) 450-0624
Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery
Geoffrey Cherrington
Assistant Inspector General, External Affairs
(202) 713-8437
Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery
Camille Schuetze
Communications Specialist
(202) 380-8744
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration
David Barnes
Public Affairs Liaison
U.S. Postal Service OIG
Agapi Doulaveris
Chief of Staff
(703) 248-2286