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Read our report on six communities’ experiences with pandemic funding and programs, which provides valuable lessons learned to improve federal emergency response programs.


Demonstration Projects for Indian Health

Program Funding
Total Spent
Total Obligated

Some agencies choose to report funding totals for multiple programs in a single submission. The obligated and spent totals shown here only reflect those reported for this program alone. To see all money associated with this program, use the All Pandemic Awards dashboard and search for the program in the filter bar.

Number of Awards
Assistance Listing
Published Date
To promote improved health care among American Indians and Alaska Natives through research studies and demonstration projects, addressing such issues as, but not limited to Women's Health Care, Native American Research Centers for Health (NARCH), National Indian Health Outreach and Education I, II & III, Tribal Dental Clinical and Preventive Support Centers, Public Health Nursing, Methamphetamine and Suicide Prevention Program, National HIV Program and Healthy Lifestyles in Youth.
Total Rows 530