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Cancer Cause and Prevention Research

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To identify cancer risks and risk reduction strategies, to identify factors that cause cancer in humans, and to discover and develop mechanisms for cancer prevention and preventive interventions in humans. Research programs include: (1) chemical, physical and molecular carcinogenesis; (2) screening, early detection and risk assessment, including biomarker discovery, development and validation; (3) epidemiology; (4) nutrition and bioactive food components; (5) immunology and vaccines; (6) field studies and statistics; (7) cancer chemoprevention and interception; (8) pre-clinical and clinical agent development; (9) organ site studies and clinical trials; (10) health-related quality of life and patient-centered outcomes; and (11) supportive care and management of symptoms and toxicities. Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program: To expand and improve the SBIR program; to stimulate…

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