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Data Stories

Who are prime recipients and sub-recipients?

In short, prime recipients receive money directly from the federal government. The prime recipients may then pay some of the money they received to other entities for goods or services. These entities are sub-recipients.

Two weeks. Under 20 employees. How many businesses got paycheck protection program loans?

Between February 24 and March 9, 2021, only small businesses and non-profits with fewer than twenty employees could apply for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans. Our data shows more than 436,438 loans totaling $13.8 billion were approved during that two-week window.

Data stories: A new feature series.

We work with data every day and know that it can be confusing and complicated. So, we’ve launched a new feature: Data Stories to tell the story of one data point and why it matters.

What has each state spent in rental assistance?

Millions of Americans have struggled to pay rent during the pandemic, and now face the possibility of eviction. To help meet this need, Congress created the Emergency Rental Assistance program in December 2020, making $24 billion available to state and local governments to help households pay rent or utilities.
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