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What is an assistance listing?


An assistance listing is a series of numbers used to identify every federal financial assistance program. We use the term “assistance listings” on our All Pandemic Awards dashboard

How to find an assistance listing

Currently, you will find 426 assistance listings related to pandemic spending. If legislation creates a new pandemic program, an assistance listing will be created and assigned to the program. 

To understand these numbers, let’s break them down. Assistance listings consist of five-digits:  the first two indicate the federal agency administering the program, and the last three identify the program itself.  Every agency has a unique two-digit code, and every program it administers will start with the same two numbers. 

Assistance listing examples: 

Two examples of assistance listings

Federal agencies use assistance listings in their internal financial systems and when reporting spending to the public. You can find a list of all the assistance Listings at  

Page last modified: 11/06/2023
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