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Third in the series -- State and local governments tap into the SLFRF to fund job programs.

Many people found themselves underemployed or unemployed during the pandemic. For example, in April, 2020, unemployment was 14.7%, impacting 23 million people. To address these issues, many state and local governments used funding from the State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund (SLFRF) to create or expand programs that provided job training and connected people to potential job opportunities.

Have you heard about these? Here are 5 relief programs under $500 million.

We talk a lot about the big pandemic relief programs, like the $800 billion Paycheck Protection Program. But what about the smaller programs that received funds to help fight the effects of the pandemic?

Pandemic Response Programs for Internet Access

We co-hosted a virtual roundtable discussion with the National Academy of Public Administration. A panel of experts examined the effectiveness of pandemic relief programs in broadband assistance, and how local governments used pandemic funding to address broadband challenges. Learn more and view the video for this event.