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Read our report on six communities’ experiences with pandemic funding and programs, which provides valuable lessons learned to improve federal emergency response programs.



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What’s the government doing now to protect you from identity fraud?

Identity fraud has been rampant during the Pandemic. Our Identity Fraud Reduction and Redress Working Group provides insights agencies can use to keep you, your identity, and the benefits you deserve safe.

How we partnered with the Housing and Urban Development watchdog to help protect $9 billion.

With high unemployment, shortages of goods and services, and unprecedented funding in government programs, the global pandemic caused by COVID-19 created an environment ripe for fraud. The rapid rate of distributing funding for pandemic-related programs weakened or completely stopped many controls designed to prevent fraud.

Sharing data tools across government to find fraud in pandemic relief funds.

The PRAC’s Data Sharing Working Group recently collaborated with subject matter experts from government agencies in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia to share the data tools and techniques they use to help protect pandemic relief dollars.

Fighting COVID-19 fraud.

The Inspectors General (IG) community is committed to holding those who defraud the American public accountable. Offices of Inspectors General (OIGs) and their investigators have been central in bringing charges against 250 of the 474 who allegedly defrauded the Paycheck Protection Program, Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program, and Unemployment Insurance.