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Election Assistance Commission OIG

Audit of the Administration of Grant Payments Received under the Help America Vote Act – Indiana

The audit will cover the expenditures and obligations of HAVA Requirement Payments and Election Security grants from the date of award through September 2020, and the CARES Act grants expended through December 31, 2020. The objectives are to determine 1) if the State used funds for authorized purposed in accordance with requirements; 2) properly accounted for and controlled property purchased with HAVA payments; and (3) used the funds in a manner consistent with the informational plans provided to EAC. 
Indiana Inspector General

Federal COVID-19 Legislation Funds Monitoring Report

The purpose of this Monitoring Report is to provide an overview of the State of Indiana’s efforts to ensure proper use of federal funds and compliance with the requirements of the federal COVID-19 legislation. This Monitoring Report also provides recommendations on how the State can guard against waste, fraud and abuse while utilizing money from the federal COVID-19 legislation to fight the effects of COVID-19 in Indiana.