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Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration

Destruction of Paper-Filed Information Returns

TIGTA is initiating a review to evaluate the IRS's destruction of unprocessed Tax Year 2019 paper-filed information returns. The overall objective of this audit is to assess the actions taken to mitigate the risk to the IRS and taxpayers associated with the approximately 30 million unprocessed non-ACA information returns destroyed in March 2021.  TIGTA will determine if: (1) the IRS evaluated alternatives to destroying unprocessed Tax Year 2019 information returns and whether the classification of these returns as classified waste is consistent with applicable laws, regulations, and policies; (2) followed classified waste processes for the 30 million unprocessed paper-filed information returns that were destroyed; and, (3) assessed and quantified the impact of the destruction of the 30 million paper-filed information returns on taxpayers and its compliance programs.

Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration

Reporting on the Use of Coronavirus Response Funding Could Be Enhanced

Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration

American Rescue Plan Act: Accuracy of Advance Child Tax Credit Periodic Payments

Department of Defense OIG

Audit of the DoD Certification Process for Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act Section 4003 Loans Provided to Businesses Designated as Critical to Maintaining National Security

Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration

Delays in Management Actions Contribute to the Continued Tax Processing Center Backlogs

Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration

The IRS’s Inability to Keep Pace with Non-Corporate Applications for Refund of Net Operating Losses Under the CARES Act Has Cost Taxpayers Millions of Dollars in Additional Interest