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Department of Justice

Middlesex County Women Charged with COVID-19 Fraud Scheme

NEWARK N.J. – A Middlesex County, New Jersey, woman was arrested on charges that she fraudulently obtained Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) and Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funds and unemployment insurance benefits totaling $694,212.
Department of Justice

Sussex County Man Sentenced to Three Years in Prison for $2 Million COVID-19 Fraud

NEWARK N.J. – A Sussex County, New Jersey, man was sentenced to 36 months in prison for defrauding several financial institutions and illegally obtaining more than $2 million in COVID-19 funding meant to help small businesses impacted by the pandemic.
Department of Justice

Three Miami residents charged with COVID-19 pandemic relief fraud

On Nov. 1, a Miami federal grand jury charged three Miami residents for their alleged role in a COVID-19 relief fraud scheme.
Department of Justice

Former KC Bank Manager Pleads Guilty to Facilitating Covid Fraud Scheme, Unemployment Benefits Fraud Scheme

A former bank branch manager in Kansas City, Mo., has pleaded guilty in federal court to accepting Kansas City Chiefs playoffs tickets and a new Chevrolet Tahoe in exchange for facilitating a $12.4 million Covid fraud scheme by a Jefferson City, Mo., business owner, as well as a separate fraud scheme to receive unemployment benefits.
Department of Justice

Two Men Sentenced for International Money Laundering and Bank Fraud Scheme

BOSTON – Two Nigerian men were sentenced today in federal court in Boston for their roles in an expansive money laundering and bank fraud scheme that resulted in millions in losses from pandemic fraud, romance scams and other online scams.
Department of Justice

Glendale Man Sentenced to 6½ Years in Prison for Laundering At Least $3 Million in Fraudulently Obtained Jobless Benefits

A Glendale man was sentenced today to 78 months in federal prison for laundering at least $3 million in fraudulently obtained unemployment insurance (UI) benefits that his accomplices fraudulently obtained during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Department of Justice

Lawrence Man Sentenced for Disaster Fund Fraud Scheme

BOSTON – A Lawrence man was sentenced today in federal court in Boston for using stolen identities to fraudulently obtain over $450,000 in Economic Injury Disaster Loan funds from the Small Business Administration (SBA) and to launder the funds.
Department of Justice

Man Sentenced For Over $500,000 COVID-19 Relief Fraud And Money Laundering Scheme

LAS VEGAS – A Nevada man was sentenced yesterday to two years and four months in prison for fraudulently obtaining over $500,000 in Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program loans that the Small Business Administration (SBA) guaranteed under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, and then laundering the money through family, friends, and others.