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Who are prime recipients and sub-recipients?


In short, prime recipients receive money directly from the federal government. The prime recipients may then pay some of the money they received to other entities for goods or services. These entities are sub-recipients. 

For example, the Department of the Treasury made a direct payment of $121 million from the Coronavirus Relief Fund to the city of Boston – the prime recipient. Boston then gave $396,000 to the YMCA of Greater Boston for food programs. The YMCA is a sub-recipient of Boston. 

Prime and sub-recipients can be one of a number of organization types: 

  • for-profit companies
  • universities
  • state, local, territorial, and Tribal governments
  • individuals
  • medical facilities
  • non-profits
  • hospitals

Interested in finding more details about prime or sub-recipients? Use our interactive dashboards to search for prime recipients and sub-recipients of the Coronavirus Relief Fund, prime recipients of the Provider Relief Fund and All Pandemic Awards, and borrowers who received Paycheck Protection Plan loans


Page last modified: 11/06/2023
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