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$2 billion in new funding for transportation services. Here's the breakdown.

Archived Page: The content and data on this page are no longer being updated.

Motorcoach, school bus, passenger vessels, and pilotage companies impacted by the pandemic were eligible to receive grants funded by the Coronavirus Economic Relief for Transportation Services program (CERTS).

Established by the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021, the $2 billion program provided payments to transportation companies that experienced an annual revenue loss of 25% or more as a direct or indirect result of COVID-19. Of the 1,461 companies approved to receive the grants, more than 93%  were small businesses and more than 33% were minority-owned. The average grant amount was $1.4 million.

CERTS funds could be used for:

  • Paying payroll costs
  • Buying services or equipment, including personal protective equipment, needed to protect workers and customers 
  • Continuing operations and maintenance of existing equipment and facilities, including rent, leases, insurance, and interest on regular debt
  • Compensating returning employees for lost pay and benefits 

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More about the CERTS program

  • Grantee Name
    • The official name  in the company's charter reported on federal tax returns
    • May not reflect the names of other operating companies or “doing business as” names 
  • The city and state are the company's official address and may not include all locations where the company, its operating companies, subsidiaries, or affiliates do business.

Data is As Of November 18, 2021

Approved companies received grants in two payments: 

  • The first payments were made when Treasury approved the grant applications and the companies signed the grant agreements. 
  • The second payments are made after Treasury completes the review of all grant applications and determines if funding is still available. 

For more information on the Coronavirus Economic Relief for Transportation Services, visit the Department of the Treasury. 

Page last modified: 07/03/2024
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