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Texas, City of Austin Auditor

Economic Recovery Funds: City Effectively Manage COVID-19 Relief Money

The overall objective of this report was to see if the the City effectively managed the distribution of economic recovery funds. The City created several programs using federal and local funding to provide economic relief to residents and organizations impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. These programs included providing financial assistance to Austin renters, small businesses, artists, and others. We found the City effectively managed the distribution of these economic relief funds. The Economic Development Department appears to have provided funding timely to eligible residents and...
Ohio Auditor of State

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services: Auditors Report on Unemployment Insurance Fraud

The COVID-19 Pandemic presented the Department with many challenges and obstacles including a sharp increase in the volume of unemployment claims as well as the expansion of regular unemployment benefits by the federal government. The Department did not have the man-power or technology resources to adequately deal with this drastic increase in claim activity and the addition of new federal unemployment funding. The Department’s legacy unemployment System, Ohio Job Insurance (OJI), has been in place since 2004. Due to its age and functionality, it was unable to handle the increased volume of...
Ohio Auditor of State

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services: Unemployment Compensation Performance Audit

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ohio’s unemployment system was flooded with new claims. Our audit found that the unemployment compensation system was not prepared for the surge in unemployment applications resulting from the pandemic. While limited human resources played a role, antiquated systems and lack of business intelligence made problems worse.
Texas, City of Dallas Auditor

Audit of the Office of Homeless Solutions

The objective of this audit was to evaluate if: (1) the Office of Homeless Solutions Rapid ReHousing Program aligns with governance requirements and meets the City's objectives for the program; and, (2) the CARES Act federal funding has been used appropriately. The Office of Homeless Solutions Rapid ReHousing Program and CARES Act spending generally met requirements and have opportunities to improve. The Rapid ReHousing Program did not have policies and procedures, and its process for requiring background checks was not effective or fully documented.
Texas, City of Denton Internal Audit Department

Audit of COVID-19 Response: Disaster Reimbursements

This report is intended to provide assurance that the City has established adequate controls over disaster-related expenses to maximize COVID-19 related reimbursements.
Ohio Auditor of State

Qualified Opinion Included in State of Ohio Audit

Auditor Faber’s Office issued a qualified opinion on the Unemployment Compensation Fund, and Business-Type Activities opinion units in the State of Ohio’s financial statements due to internal control weaknesses related to recipient eligibility and claims processing of unemployment benefits. A qualified opinion indicates the auditors could not be assured the financials for these opinion units are fairly presented, in all material respects, based on the issues identified. This is a significant qualification.
Ohio Auditor of State

Ohio Department of Health COVID-19 Data - Performance Audit

This audit is part of a multi-state project to examine data related to COVID-19. This effort was a collaboration among State Auditor offices from Delaware, Florida, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Ohio and was developed with assistance from the National State Auditors Association.
Texas, City of Denton Internal Audit Department

Audit of COVID-19 Response: Pandemic Preparedness

The City has established and implemented several disaster management plans – including a Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Plan. Still, additional considerations in these plans would ensure the City is more prepared for potential future pandemics.