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Virginia, City of Chesapeake Auditor

CARES Act: Special Audit March 27,2020 through September 30, 2020

Our review was conducted for the purpose of determining whether the City was providing oversight and compliance in an economical, efficient, and effective manner, whether CARES Act goals and objectives were being achieved, and whether the City was complying with applicable Federal, State, City and Department Guidelines.
Maryland State Legislative Auditor

Review of Certain Emergency Procurements Related to the State of Maryland’s COVID-19 Response

This review was initiated by the Office of Legislative Audits, and it represents an expansion of an earlier limited review that was undertaken based on a joint request from the chairs of the Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs and the House Health and Government Operations Committees for a review of two COVID-related emergency procurements. This current report includes the results of our review of the emergency procurement and accountability of medical supplies from Blue Flame Medical. In addition, during the course of our review, we identified 848 emergency procurements...
Peace Corps OIG

Final Report on the Peace Corps' Compliance with CARES Act Supplemental Funding Requirements

This audit assessed the Peace Corps' internal controls over the budget, obligation, and disbursement of CARES Act funds, including compliance with the law and other implementing guidance. We concluded that the Peace Corps complied with necessary provisions of the law and other relevant policies and did not issue any recommendations with this report.

Department of Homeland Security OIG

FEMA Did Not Always Accurately Report COVID-19 Contract Actions in the Federal Procurement Data System

The objective was to determine to what extent FEMA followed Federal and departmental procedures and guidelines for awarding COVID-19 contracts to vendors in unusual and urgent circumstances.

Department of the Interior OIG

Pandemic-Related Contract Actions

Our inspection identified several concerns with CARES Act and pandemic-related contract actions made through October 31, 2020.

Federal Reserve Board & CFPB OIG

Evaluation of the Federal Reserve System’s Vendor Selection and Management Processes Related to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Emergency Lending Programs

As part of its emergency lending program, FRB New York operated six emergency lending facilities, five of which were supported by multiple vendor contracts. FRB New York awarded some of its emergency lending program–related contracts noncompetitively because of the exigent circumstances, and other contracts pose potential conflict-of-interest risks to the System. FRB New York’s reliance on vendors highlights the importance of its monitoring of vendor performance. We plan to assess the Board’s and FRB New York’s processes related to vendor selection and management for FRB New York’s emergency lending programs.

Arizona, City of Scottsdale Auditor

Economic Development Programs

This audit was conducted to review performance measures and cost-effectiveness of economic development programs. The audit found that the department spent 22% of its small business assistance pandemic relief funds and can improve its business contact information. Further, business attraction and retention activities can be more effectively evaluated, and performance measures and metrics could be better used to evaluate outcomes
Department of Housing and Urban Development OIG

COVID-19 Forbearance Data in HUD’s Single Family Default Monitoring System Generally Agreed With Information Maintained by Loan Servicers

We audited lender reporting of COVID-19 forbearances for Federal Housing Administration (FHA)-insured loans in the Single Family Default Monitoring System (SFDMS). We compared default reporting data from SFDMS to loan data provided by five sampled servicing lenders that serviced a third of the FHA single-family portfolio. Our audit objective was to determine whether COVID-19 forbearance data available in SFDMS were consistent with the information maintained by loan servicers. We found that COVID-19 forbearance data available in SFDMS were generally consistent with the information maintained by...

Pandemic Response Accountability Committee

Observations: Fiscal Year 2020 COVID-19 Federal Contracting

The PRAC’s objective was to review pandemic-related federal contracts and identify first-time contractors and contracts awarded without competitive bidding. We found that first-time federal contractors received $4.4 billion worth of pandemic contracts in Fiscal Year 2020 and that $128 million was deobligated from contracts with first-time federal contractors during the same period. Additionally, we identified the four most common flexibilities identified to justify limited competition were urgency, only one source, simplified acquisition procedures, and authorized by statute. Of these, we...

Department of Defense OIG

Audit of Selected Combatant Commands' Execution of Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act Funding

We plan to begin the subject audit in July 2021. The objective of this audit is to determine whether U.S. Africa Command, U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, and U.S. Southern Command officials used Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act funding to support the coronavirus disease–2019 pandemic response and operations in accordance with Federal laws and DoD policies. We may issue separate reports for each combatant command, revise the objective as the audit proceeds, and will consider suggestions from management for additional or revised objectives.