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The Six Laws that Funded Pandemic Relief Programs

We're responsible for providing transparency and oversight of the programs funded by the six laws listed here.

How to find award data by pandemic legislation.

As pandemic legislation was passed, starting with the CARES Act in March 2020, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) assigned a code to identify each of the six laws. These codes, known as Disaster Emergency Fund Codes (DEFC), are used to track the spending funded under each legislation. Many of the codes were further refined through the description of the code, as "Emergency" or "Non-emergency."

Update: Three rounds of stimulus checks. See how many went out and for how much.

While you may have heard them referred to as stimulus checks, the Economic Impact Payments were, for the most part, direct deposited into bank accounts or sent out as bank cards. More than 476 million payments totaling $814 billion in financial relief went to households impacted by the pandemic. The Internal Revenue Service based the amounts that individuals received on income, tax filing status, and number of children (or qualifying dependents, like a relative).

Joint Announcement from John Pasquantino, Acting OMB Controller and Michael Horowitz, PRAC Chair

The American Rescue Plan (ARP) provides an additional $1.9 trillion in pandemic response and relief funding.

Statement from PRAC Chair Michael E. Horowitz on Enactment of the American Rescue Plan

The enactment of the American Rescue Plan (ARP) adds to the important independent oversight responsibilities of the PRAC and its member Inspectors General.

CARES Act One Year Later

One year has passed since the CARES Act was enacted, introducing $2.1 trillion in taxpayer dollars to help people, businesses and the economy recover from the pandemic. We hosted a virtual event on the one-year anniversary of the CARES Act and of pandemic response, featuring panels on the economic impact of the $5T in pandemic funding and the successes and challenges in overseeing the spending. If you missed the event, we invite you to watch the recording.

Pandemic Spending and Underserved Communities

We co-hosted a roundtable with the National Academy of Public Administration. A panel of experts examined the impact of pandemic response programs and spending on historically underserved communities and shared lessons learned. Learn more and view the video for this event.