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Peace Corps OIG

Final Report on the Peace Corps' Compliance with CARES Act Supplemental Funding Requirements

This audit assessed the Peace Corps' internal controls over the budget, obligation, and disbursement of CARES Act funds, including compliance with the law and other implementing guidance. We concluded that the Peace Corps complied with necessary provisions of the law and other relevant policies and did not issue any recommendations with this report.
Peace Corps OIG

Management Challenges FY 2020

These challenges illustrate the most significant areas the Office of Inspector General (OIG) believes need improvement for the Peace Corps to effectively manage its resources and minimize the potential for fraud, waste, and abuse occurring in its operations. Addressing the issues related to these challenge areas will enable the agency to increase operational efficiencies and improve mission effectiveness.
Peace Corps OIG

FY 2020 Annual Plan Revision

The Office of Inspector General's annual plan revision outlines changes to our FY 2020 Annual Plan due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program

SIGTARP Recommends Treasury Put to Better Use Unspent Funds in Tarp to Enhance Existing Unemployment Mortgage Assistance Through Hardest Hit Fund in Light of Recent Significant Unemployment

SIGTARP Recommends Treasury Put To Better Use Unspent Funds In Tarp To Enhance Existing Unemployment Mortgage Assistance Through Hardest Hit Fund In Light Of Recent Significant Unemployment