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Department of Homeland Security OIG

FEMA’s Workforce Management During Concurrent Events

To determine if FEMA is effectively planning, managing and deploying its workforce to successfully respond to concurrent and consecutive disasters and emergencies, including assisting other DHS Components or Federal Agencies.  Specifically, this audit will consider how FEMA is balancing its portfolio (within scope) of 349 ongoing natural disasters plus 159 active COVID-19 pandemic declarations, in addition to assisting with the influx of migrants and unaccompanied minors at the southern border.

Department of Homeland Security OIG

FEMA Funeral Assistance for COVID-19

To determine how effective FEMA's policies, procedures, and internal controls are in providing proper oversight of its funeral assistance program for COVID-19. 

The team will review FEMA Policy FP104-009-03, FEMA Individual Assistance Program and Policy Guide (IAPPG) and analyze requirements pertaining to FEMA Funeral Assistance.  The team will also request, review, and analyze all updated policies, agreements, contracts, and SOPs in support of FEMA’s plan to execute COVID-19 Funeral Assistance which is scheduled to begin in April 2021. 

Department of Homeland Security OIG

FEMA’s DRF Lost Wages Assistance to States and Territories

Determine to what extent FEMA ensured states and territories distributed supplemental state lost wage assistance from the Disaster Relief Fund (DRF) to eligible recipients.  The primary scope of our audit will be FEMA’s supplemental LWA program.  Specifically, the $44 billion states and territories distributed from FEMA’s DRF from August 1, 2020 through the week ending December 27, 2020.

Department of Homeland Security OIG

FEMA's Civil Rights Advisory Group

To determine to what extent FEMA is ensuring its COVID-19 Civil Rights Advisory Group is working to eliminate inequities in FEMA activities.  The team will evaluate the policies and procedures related to work and structure of the Civil Rights Advisory Group.  Also, the team will review the Civil Rights Advisory Group oversight of the selection process of CVCs locations and any other FEMA decisions concerning equity issues.

Department of Homeland Security OIG

DHS’s Air Transportation of Individual, Family Unit and UC Migrants on Commercial Flight

 To determine the extent to which DHS mitigates public safety risks while domestically transporting migrants on commercial flights. This audit will focus on DHS’ ability to mitigate risks while transporting individual, family units, or UC by air transportation within the United States.  Specifically, the audit will determine the effectiveness of DHS’ ability to screen migrants prior to boarding a commercial flight.  The audit team will focus on the use of ICE transportation contracts, coordination between CBP and HHS, and special screening procedures in place by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) since October 1, 2019.

Department of Homeland Security OIG

CBP Testing of Migrants for COVID-19 at the U.S. Border with Mexico

To determine to what extent CBP is currently testing or plans to test migrants for COVID-19 at the U.S. border with Mexico.

Department of Homeland Security OIG

Audit of FEMA’s Controls over Mission Assignments in Response to COVID-19

The objective is to determine to what extent FEMA develops and oversees mission assignments for COVID-19 in accordance with FEMA’s policies and procedures.

Department of Homeland Security OIG

DHS Prioritization of Frontline and Mission-Critical Employees for COVID-19 Vaccines

  • Evaluate how DHS determined employee status for placement into vaccine distribution priority groups and how, in conjunction with the Veterans Health Administration, DHS planned to triage and distribute available vaccine inventory and vaccinate frontline, mission-critical DHS staff
  • Evaluate how DHS executed its plan.
Department of Homeland Security OIG

FEMA's Administration of CARES Act Funding for the Emergency Food and Shelter Program

Determine whether FEMA is administering CARES Act funding for the EFSP in accordance with CARES Act and Federal requirements to meet program goals.

Department of Homeland Security OIG

Allegations about Inadequate Medical Care and Other Concerns at the Irwin County Detention Center

The scope of this review will focus on the ICDC medical department including its interactions with the ICE Health Services Corporation as well as any other entities necessary to appropriately examine ICDC’s adequacy of medical care for FY 2017-2020 and COVID-19 response from March 2020, and to address claims of retaliation against detainees and/or employees. To achieve our objective we will use a two pronged approach. First, we will deconflict and coordinate work with INV to assess the referral made for complaints of improper medical procedures; and second, we will conduct an evaluation focused on all other allegations.