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Department of Defense OIG

Audit of DoD Use of the Government Purchase Card in Response to the Coronavirus Disease–2019 Pandemic

The objective of this audit is to determine whether cardholders used the Government Purchase Card to support DoD's response to the pandemic in accordance with Federal and DoD policies. We may revise the objective as the audit proceeds, and we will also consider suggestions from management for additional or revised objectives.

Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration

Processing of Recovery Rebate Credit Claims During the 2021 Filing Season

Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration

Continued Assessment of IRS's Efforts to Address the Backlog During Filing Season 2022

TIGTA is initiating a review to assess the IRS's actions to address the backlog of unworked returns and inventories during Filing Season 2022.  This will include evaluating: progress to ensure that the Tax Processing Centers are adequately staffed to meet workload demands; effectiveness of the Submission Processing function’s Inventory Reduction Teams in addressing backlogged inventories; effectiveness of management in identifying and implementing process improvements to increase efficiency of tax processing and reduce taxpayer burden; and, impact on the IRS’s Files Management function due to the closures of and limited staffing at the Federal Record Centers.

Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration

American Rescue Plan Act Advance Child Tax Credit Tax Filing Reconciliation for Individuals

TIGTA is initiating a review of the reconciliation of the advance Child Tax Credit (CTC) payments made to individuals during CY 2021 as part of the American Rescue Plan Act. TIGTA will assess the following: accuracy of the IRS's outreach and assistance to individuals regarding the reconciliation of the advance CTC payments on TY 2021 tax returns; updates to the business rules relating to CTC, ACTC, and Credits for Other Dependents and changes made to the error resolution codes to ensure they are functioning as intended; the processing of tax returns to ensure that the IRS is properly calculating the CTC and applying Safe Harbor rules; the IRS's processes and procedures to address taxpayer accounts with advance CTC payment reversals since the issuance of the Letter 6419; and, the IRS's fraud filters and compliance plans to determine if there are adequate controls to identify potentially erroneous CTC claims.