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District of Columbia Auditor

Bending the Curve: Policies to Mitigate COVID-19 in DC & The Region

This report builds on prior analyses and the results of a body of work published since the beginning of the pandemic to assess the role of the COVID-19 mitigation policy in reducing the impacts of COVID-19 on different populations across the United States and, specifically, in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.
District of Columbia Auditor

Analysis of Demographics and Mobility Across D.C. During COVID-19

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, decision makers across the world created policies to curb the spread of the disease. These policies influenced many aspects of society in an effort to reduce COVID-19 caseload and deaths and limit economic impacts. There is now a growing set of data capturing policies, the effects on the policy environment, and the ongoing impacts of the pandemic itself on different regions and populations, as measured by these different impacts. Together, these data provide a basis to better understand how and whether policies achieved their intended outcomes and...
District of Columbia Auditor

School Closures as a Pandemic Mitigation Policy

The goal of this report is to highlight and put into context scientific findings that currently exist around school reopening's, detail key policy measures undertaken within the United States and globally, and bring together the impacts that school closures have had on students and parents in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.
District of Columbia Auditor

Mitigation Policy During the Pandemic [initial findings]

The analysis presented here establishes a baseline of policies that were implemented in the National Capital Region (NCR)1 , aligned with the intent of the policy, and the data sources available to provide context, including population and demographic, mobility, COVID-19 caseload and death, economic, and geographic data.
Iowa State Auditor

Report on COVID-19 Test Reporting Involving the Iowa Department of Public Health and State Hygienic Laboratory

This report was initiated due to state and county level employees reaching out to the Auditor of State’s Office to discuss reporting delays related to Test Iowa. The reporting delays mentioned could have a negative impact on the pandemic response by hindering contact tracing and decision-making at both governmental and individual levels..