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Senior Data Scientist

The Pandemic Response Accountability Committee (PRAC) is seeking a highly qualified individual to fill an immediate need as Senior Data Scientist to support the enterprise data strategy and build analytic rules and models.


The Senior Data Scientist is responsible for:

  • Developing, testing, and implementing risk models and rules, reports and dashboards utilizing a variety of analytic tools and techniques
  • Identifying and recommending appropriate analytic techniques to promote data-driven decisions and transparency
  • Supporting ongoing data management activities including new data set acquisition, integration, dissemination, and lifecycle management


The Senior Data Scientist will support the PRAC’s enterprise data strategy and data governance framework, and will provide expert advice on data-related matters including data acquisition, data quality, and privacy concerns.  
More specifically, the Senior Data Scientist:

  • Provides recommendations for opportunities to increase the effectiveness and efficiency in managing data, including analyzing the value of data already available, acquiring new sources of data, and collaborating to share data
  • Defines effective processes for the PRAC to collect, use, manage, and publish data
  • Develops risk scoring models to identify potential instances of fraud, waste abuse and mismanagement and prioritizes efforts to the areas of greatest risk
  • Analyzes complex datasets to identify actionable insights and communicates results to support data-driven decisions
  • Comprehensively documents processes for collection, storage, maintenance, and dissemination. Collaborates with the PRAC Chief Information Security Officer and Counsel to ensure data efforts adhere to the Privacy Act, ensuring full analysis of privacy, confidentiality, and security issues
  • Encourages a culture that promotes data-driven decisions backed by tools, products, and services, including audits and investigations

Eligibility Requirements

  • In-depth knowledge of data management and advanced analytic techniques
  • Experience coding rules and models using open-source programming techniques and tools
  • Experience using data sciences to detect and prevent fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement
  • A record of exercising sound judgment and the ability to apply policy in novel or precedent-setting situations
  • A strong academic background in quantitative and qualitative analysis, business administration, information technology, or the equivalent

How to Apply

For immediate consideration, please email a cover letter summarizing your qualifications and a resume to, with subject line: Senior Data Scientist.

More About the Position and the PRAC

The Pandemic Response Accountability Committee (PRAC) is seeking a highly qualified individual who can serve full time as Senior Data Scientist. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act created the PRAC, composed of federal Offices of Inspector General to "promote transparency and conduct and support oversight of covered funds and the Coronavirus response to (1) prevent and detect fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement; and (2) mitigate major risks that cut across program and agency boundaries." The PRAC is currently overseeing about $3.5 trillion in federal spending. Rather than a stand-alone organization, the PRAC is a Committee of the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency (CIGIE), an independent entity established within the executive branch by the Inspector General Act of 1978, as amended, that includes the 75 statutorily created federal Inspectors General with a mission to address integrity, economy, and effectiveness issues that transcend individual government agencies.

The CARES Act created the PRAC and requires the PRAC to coordinate and support Inspectors General on matters related to oversight of covered funds and the Coronavirus response, review whether the reporting of contracts and grants using covered funds meets applicable standards and specifies the purpose of the contract or grant and measures of performance; and review the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in the administration of, and the detection of fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement in, Coronavirus response programs and operations. 

The PRAC encourages creative and practical problem-solving and insightful thought leadership, fosters collaborative professional relationships, and focuses on our core lines of business (Transparency, Oversight & Accountability, and Outreach & Engagement). To recruit and retain the best candidates, provide a positive work environment, and mitigate the risk of current and future pandemic-related workplace disruptions, the PRAC is organized and managed as a distributed workforce in a virtual workplace with a small physical footprint in Washington, DC.

Download a copy of this position description.

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