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Fraud Awareness

If you think you are a victim of a coronavirus scam or fraud or have information regarding criminal activity related to the coronavirus, please submit a complaint to our Hotline or visit our Fraud Resources.   

The Pandemic Response Accountability Committee, in collaboration with Offices of Inspector General and other federal law enforcement partners, is on high alert regarding potential fraud related to coronavirus programs managed by federal agencies.  

The U.S. Department of Justice has issued warnings that criminals are attempting to exploit the coronavirus pandemic worldwide through a variety of scams, including: 

  • Individuals and businesses selling fake coronavirus cures or access to COVID-19 vaccines online  

  • Phishing emails from entities posing as the World Health Organization or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

  • Malicious websites and apps that appear to share coronavirus-related information but, in fact, gain access to your devices and lock them until payment is received 

  • Seeking donations for illegitimate or non-existent charitable organizations. 

  • Emails, texts, or robocalls asking for social security, banking, or credit card numbers to receive a vaccine.

  • Advertisements on social media for COVID-19 vaccines

 See our Scam Alert story for more information on vaccine scams.


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